We are delighted to announce the launch of Ellesmere as a Digital Town under the name of Ellesmere PULSE

Ellesmere Pulse Logo

Ellesmere Pulse is a new initiative dedicated to combining Community, Businesses, Tourism and Trade.

In an era where digital connectivity is becoming increasingly important, we have created a platform that aims to bring the local residents, visitors and businesses together, fostering a greater sense of community and providing information of value all in one place.

Our digital town hub offers a variety of features and benefits:


  • Local Offers: Showcasing products and services to our local audience, attracting both local residents and visitors to our community.
  • Interactive Community Platform: Engage with others, exchange ideas, and collaborate on initiatives that can benefit the entire community.
  • Event & Offers Promotion: Advertise your special events, promotions, or sales to a targeted local audience, increasing awareness and bringing everything together in one place.
  • Tourist Engagement: Attract tourists by providing them with valuable information about the unique offerings of our community and businesses.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow entrepreneurs, share experiences, and discover new opportunities for growth within the community.

We believe Ellesmere Pulse will greatly enhance the diversity, communication and vibrancy of our market town. So look out for further details on how to get involved and engage – or you can contact hello@ellesmerepulse.co.uk for more information

Ellesmere Pulse Logo