Ellesmere ~ A Sound Picture

Below you will find a number of Sound Tracks that will give you some fascinating information about the Historic Town of Ellesmere.

There are a number of interpretation markers around the town where you can discover some more Ellesmere stories. You can find them in the Town Centre, by the Historic Canal yard, the Canal Tunnel, the Sandy Lane Plantation, The Birch Pond Nature Reserve, Love Lane and across the road from the Boat House.

During your Ellesmere walk look for the signs for The Ellesmere Sculpture Trail. Over recent years artists from many different countries have been invited to create pieces of work which reflect the natural environment at heritage of their location. Clusters of these sculptures are located at Castlefields and along the canal to The Wharf. Walk through the town to the Mere where you will find more sculptures in the woodlands.

Ellesmere Interpretation

Ellesmere Interpretation Markers

Ellesmere Town Centre

The Historic Canal Yard

The Canal Tunnel

Sandy Lane Plantation

The Mottee and Bailey Castle

Birch Pond Road Reserve

The following Sound Tracks are a description of Ellesmere by local experts

Sound Track 1     A Brief overview of the Sound Tracks and Ellesmere

Sound Track 2     How it all Began

Sound Track 3     Mereside

Sound Track 4     The Mediaevil Period

Sound Track 5     The Town Grows

Sound Track 6     The Canal and Railway

Sound Track 7     Cremorne Gardens (The formal gardens)

Sound Track 8     Around The Mere and in to the woodland – Legends of The Mere

Sound Track 9     Memories of Ellesmere Events