Blakemere can be found just outside Ellesmere on the way to Whitchurch. There is a small car park from which you can walk down along by The Canal, or you can follow the Canal from Ellesmere and on route you will have the option to walk through a long Tunnel or walk up and over the road.

Blakemere was referred to years ago as ‘Black Mere’ due to its peaty water colour. It was formed in the ice ages along with most of the other Shropshire meres and is abundant in natural life. There is no public access to Blakemere but it can be viewed from the canal towpath. Blakemere is one of the leading fisheries is this part of the Country not least because of its beautiful and peaceful surroundings.

It is a beautiful place to sit and relax and many boats stop and moor up here.

Kingfishers are seen on a regular basis and has been featured on TV Fishing programmes.