The Shropshire Distillery

The Shropshire Distillery is where we conceive, create and craft all of our premium award-winning gins, liqueurs and spirits.

Our family team handpicks the finest world botanicals, distils, blends, bottles and labels by hand in Shropshire.

We craft our small batch gin in our copper pot stills from head to tail, but only the pure hearts go into every bottle, making for a super smooth spirit.

We’re hands-on at every stage, skilfully blending botanicals, carefully and slowly distilling in Jean and Anne, ensuring an honest spirit of the finest quality.

A warm Glynn family welcome awaits you at our custom-built distillery in rural Ellesmere, Shropshire.

Our sessions run in small groups. This ensures everyone gets the time and attention they require without feeling overwhelmed or overcrowded.



Unit 18 & 19
Ellesmere Business Park
SY12 0EW



The Shropshire Distillery