Ortho-Bionomy UK

Ortho-Bionomy is a gentle holistic bodywork treatment to help ease pain in muscles, tendons and joints as well releasing stress and emotional tensions. Gentle touches and carefully selected positions, whilst fully clothed, encourage your body to find its own place of comfort and natural inner balance. No hold, no position and no movement should cause you discomfort. A conversation with your body takes place, full of respect for you as an individual. nothing will be “corrected”, but your body will be animated to find its own solutions to heal itself.

The Ortho-Bionomy practitioner gently follows the body’s inner rhythm, taking note of the existing muscle tone, in order to ascertain the natural posture and inner movement patterns. In this relaxed position muscles and fascia can unwind, stress and emotional tensions can be released leaving a deep feeling of peace and harmony. healing is a process, a life-long process, and Ortho-Bionomy can accompany your body to find its own position of ease in it own time, during this process.

You can find much more information on www.ortho-bionomy-uk.com and on my facebook page: Ortho-Bionomy UK where you will also find many reviews.


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Ortho-Bionomy UK